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WPNINJA is here to serve you with solutions to keep your website protected, and properly maintained and get improved performance.
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Your website is a constant target for cyber threats!

Malware – A Silent Predator: It may cause severe damage to your website,
potentially costing you over $10,000 in losses to hackers.

WPNINJA's security service is a lifesaver for my websites. The subscription is straightforward, covering both my custom and WordPress sites. I feel confident knowing they're watching out for potential issues. The quick alerts and easy fixes keep everything running smoothly. It's a no-brainer for anyone serious about website security!

John Burdine Jr. Owner, Mr. ProActive LLC
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WPNINJA Security Hardening

Defend Your Website from the Most Severe Attacks.

WPNINJA offers a three-tiered security shield against all varieties of attacks on your website.

Automated Bot Defense

Bot Protection secures your online presence by neutralizing automated bot activities. It utilizes sophisticated filtering to prevent unwanted bot intrusion.

Advance Firewall Protection

Advanced Firewall Protection fortifies your website against complex cyber threats. It employs cutting-edge technology to dynamically guard against evolving online attacks.

Brute-Force Protection

WPNINJA offers robust Brute Force Protection, safeguarding your website by blocking repeated unauthorized login attempts, effectively preventing password guessing attacks.

WPNINJA: Proven Success.

At WPNINJA, our extensive 10-year experience in safeguarding WordPress sites is backed by a network of over 300,000 sites. This vast ecosystem not only enhances our understanding of evolving threats but also allows us to proactively stay ahead of potential security risks. Our constantly evolving systems, handling over 18 billion requests monthly, provide top-tier site security. WPNINJA is your trusted choice for website protection.

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Number of Attacks Prevented Last Month
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Websites Cleaned Last Month
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Bots Blocked
Last Month
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WPNINJA Malware Removal

Rescue, Restore, Defend
WPNINJA's Malware Removal Mastery in Action.

Swift, Stealthy, Secure: WPNINJA’s Malware Removal Ensures Your Website Stays Clean and Resilient.

Expert Site-Wide Deep Malware Scan

Advanced deep scan detects and removes malware, ensuring website integrity

Instant Malware Cleanup Service

Immediate, professional-grade malware removal, ensuring swift restoration of your website's security.

WPNINJA Delivers Security Excellence!

Exceptional experience with WPNINJA! Their malware removal service was swift and thorough, eliminating security threats seamlessly. The expert team ensured my website's safety, providing a sense of relief. Their professionalism and efficiency stand out. Highly recommend WPNINJA for robust website security solutions!

Victoria Brace Owner, Victoria Brace Marketing

Reliable Support at Every Turn!

I've experienced tremendous help from WPNINJA consistently. Their unwavering support has been a game-changer for my website's security. Whether it's malware concerns or general queries, the team's responsiveness and expertise shine through. WPNINJA's commitment to customer satisfaction is truly commendable. Grateful for their dependable assistance – a top-notch security partner!

Bailey Beckman Owner, Bailey Beckman Realty

Rapid Recovery from a Nightmare Scenario!

My website recently fell victim to a severe hacking incident that led to spam redirection to explicit content. The damage to my site's traffic and reputation was devastating. WPNINJA's swift response and expert intervention not only halted the malicious activities but also helped restore my website's data. The recovery was fast, and I regained lost ground. Grateful for their prompt assistance!

Michael Grigery Home Services Business Analyst

Advanced Defense Measures

WPNINJA: Elevating Website Security with
Advanced Defense Measures

Our Advanced Defense Measures provide unparalleled security for your online presence

Multi-Layer Protection

WPNINJA integrates advanced multi-layer protection, combining 2FA and biometric security measures to fortify your website against unauthorized access and enhance overall defense.

Proactive Defense System

Elevate your website security with WPNINJA's proactive defense system, incorporating the powerful WordPress Firewall for comprehensive protection against potential threats.

Server Security Hardening

Enhance server security with WPNINJA's comprehensive hardening, including firewall, Imunify, spam protection, and PHP, MySQL hardening measures.

4.9 rating based on 250 reviews

Safeguard your website—experience seamless
Malware Removal with WPNINJA!

WPNINJA ensures worry-free WordPress security with robust defenses and rapid malware removal.

Our Customers Trust WPNINJA

WPNINJA is trusted by major global corporations to safeguard their websites. Agencies highly value the peace of mind that WPNINJA delivers, knowing their websites are secure and protected from threats.

“Authentic review
– Enjoying it!”

I never saw it coming, but my website was hacked, causing visitor redirection and other Malware related issues. WPNINJA stepped in, quickly removed all malware. I wholeheartedly recommend them!

“Highly dependable & Transparent!!”

A super fast help! My site faced a code problem and it went down. I contacted WPNINJA & they fixed it within 20 minutes only! Thanks to the WPNINJA team. We are fully satisfied with their support

“Found through a blog
– a real lifesaver!”

This is the second time that we are relying on WPNINJA. They solve it very quickly. Plus, I must admit, the pricing is very affordable as well. I’m going to come to WPNINJA more and more whenever needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team.

We are your backend team, we have our dashboard where you can manage your orders, communicate with our developers, pay invoices and subscriptions easily. You will set your login details once then each time you need to do anything for your website you just drop a message then our dev will handle the rest and reply to you as soon as the job is done.For subscription based schedule jobs, there is a report section where you can download the reports and check details of what we have done in the past week or past month.
Yes, you have to provide us WordPress administrative level login, cPanel login details.
We have stripe payment gateway to process any debit or credit card globally. We will also introduce Paypal soon.
You have to purchase different subscriptions for different websites. There will be different order pages to manage everything like reports, bills, services, chats etc. you can easily manage 100’s of websites.
We do penetration testing to find website security threats. Sometimes we use the imunify360 tool, server side malware scanner tools. Securing a website depends on the website nature and vulnerabilities. We take action as per your audit result. There is no copy paste formula.
You can cancel your subscription anytime. In case if you cancel your subscription your website will be back to its original state and you will lose the subscription based features like speed optimization, Security features and Management automations. We won't revert any bug fixing, it will be yours.
We have Junior to 10-15 years Experienced Developers and system admins, we prioritize our work and assign as per capability. If any developer fails to fix any website we assign our senior developers to fix it for you and we will fix it! In case if we have to drop the request we will refund you.
We have a 30 days money back guarantee, No question asked.

How can we help you?

If you suspect your website has been compromised, WPNINJA can promptly resolve the issue and fortify your
site to prevent future hacks.

My website has been hacked, seeking cleanup assistance

Efficiently and quickly remove malware from your entire site using WPNINJA's reliable malware removal solution. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Defend WordPress site against hackers with enhanced security

WPNINJA's Security provides comprehensive website protection. Join 300,000+ satisfied users trusting WPNINJA for total defense against attacks.